CFS History

Our team at Continuum Fiscal Services, Inc. (CFS) has over seventeen years of payroll

experience serving a diverse list of clients. Since 1996, CFS team members have

provided financial service for Human Service Agencies in New York, and in 2008 for

the District of Columbia, and Maryland for agency-managed developmental disabilities

services funded by Medicaid.


CFS is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  CFS’ team has over 60 years of combined

experience in financial management and human resources. The staff is well versed in local, state and

federal tax codes as well as HIPAA compliance and human resources practices/policies.

As a fiscal agent, we currently generate over 1,000 payroll transactions per month for

clients and our own company. The CFS team brings hands-on knowledge and current

experience as a fiscal agent for self-directed care programs. In addition, members of

the CFS team have managed and delivered human resources and payroll services for

corporate clients in the hospitality, financial services and entertainment industries.

Continuum Fiscal Services Inc. is authorized to do business in Georgia.


References will be provided as requested.